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What’s with the Creepy Heads?

Anyone who has been on the Willow stage will likely recognize the sight of mannequin heads on sticks scattered haphazardly across the stage. One of the questions I answer most frequently when giving tours at[…]

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FAQ: How did you make the on-stage LED Grid?

The on-stage LED grid (lovingly dubbed “Homebrew” around Willow Production) was an idea turned into reality for a specific event, which then evolved into a ministry staple. Below, Jordan Monson, our LED guru, explains more[…]

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FAQ: What’s a good DMX splitter to use?

What specific DMX splitter does Willow use or recommend for splitting DMX in a lighting rig? The link below is for the industry standard of Opto-Splitter.  And when I say industry-standard, I mean every rental house in[…]

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