Willow Creek Huntley is a mobile regional campus that has been operating out of the Huntley High School auditorium since Spring 2011. In 2019, the Huntley campus will be moving into their very own permanent building and will transform from a 600 seat high school auditorium into a 1200 seat church! Great things to come in 2019! For more information about the church visit our website.

Each Sunday, Production crew arrives at 5am to set up gear, operate two services at 9 and 11am, and tear down by 1pm. Their goal is to transform the high school auditorium into a fantastic and engaging worship environment for people to grow closer and connect with God. The Production crew is an incredibly dedicated team of volunteers, some of which have served since the church's beginning in 2011! This crew has spent years refining the process of what it means to be a "mobile church" by constantly tweaking and tinkering with workflow. Efficiency and effectiveness are ongoing goals.


  • VIDEO:
    • Projector: Christie LX 1500
    • Graphics Computer: Mac Pro tower running ProPresenter 6
    • Video Cafe/Archive Camera: Panasonic HPX-170
    • 1 M/E Crossover Switcher
  • AUDIO:
    • PA: Meyer JM-1P
    • Center: Meyer UPJ-1P
    • Subs: Meyer 600- HP
    • Console: Yamaha M7CL
    • Mics: Shure ULXD4Q + Transmitters with Beta 58 capsules
    • In-Ear Monitors: Shure PSM900's + Aviom 16II personal mixers.
    • Front stage lights: ETC Source Four 750s
    • On-stage lights:
      • (4) Mac 101 Movers
      • (4) Batten 72 Bar lights
      • (10) Colorado Pars
    • We rotate custom made, hanging set pieces with each message series or major holiday. Additionally, we hang white fabrics in the auditorium to cast colored light onto to create a more immersive room.
  • TEAM:
    • A typical weekend requires these positions:
      • (1) Technical Director
      • (1) Front of House Engineer
      • (1) Lighting Designer
      • (1) Graphics Operator
      • (1)  Video Tech Director (Switcher Operator)
      • (1) Camera Operator
      • (1-2) Stage Managers
      • (1)  Producer

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