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Willow Creek is a church committed to loving everyone always and extending the hope and grace of Jesus to our neighbors near and far. As a production department, our volunteers and staff support this mission through creating dynamic experiences and distraction-free environments to help our church family thrive.

A Very MIDI Christmas
A few weeks before Christmas rehearsals, I was asked to help create a custom light for the opener. Individual piano keys needed be illuminated when pressed. I started with a portable development kit that would allow me to write and test software without bringing the grand piano home. I attached a Raspberry Pi, MIDI controller,
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Wireless microphones and in-ear monitors play a critical role in our weekend services. As a stage manager, my responsibilities include making sure these devices are in the right hands, charged, and turned on. Last year, I was brought in for a an extra busy weekend, just to check and replace batteries. Our worship band was
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LED Tape and Pixel Mapping
Hello, my name is Jordan Monson and I am the acting lighting director here at Willow Creek Community Church. I have also worked and toured with the company iLuminate in some capacity for the last seven years. For those who don’t know what iLuminate is, they are a dance company who perform in light up
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Wireless Mic Storage Innovation
For years our wireless mics have been stored in hanging clear shoe storage bags in our wireless cabinets. It was not a pretty system but for years it was functional...up until a few weekends ago when two wireless mics fell out of the aging containers because the plastic bag had stretched. At that point, I
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FAQ: How does Willow provide services for the hearing impaired?
On a typical weekend service at Willow, we offer live sign language interpretation at one of our main services, click HERE for more info. Occasionally, we have provided Closed Captioning (CC) for our Global Leadership Summit (GLS), as the embedded captioning information can be transmitted along with the video signal & decoded on a TV easily.
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FAQ: What does Willow use for footlights?
We've received a lot of questions recently about how Willow does footlight. In this article, we'll break it down by venue, fixture, and learnings.Main Auditorium:For our main auditorium stage, we use a product from Ketra called the G2 linear, powered by the N3 controller. They are 1’ fixtures with 6 RGB LEDs in each fixture
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Lighting Thoughts From GLS 2017
Willow Creek hosted the FILO conference recently and I had the opportunity to share some of our lighting learnings from the Global Leadership Summit 2017. What you are about to read is what I wrote to present from at FILO. This is by no means an article full of specifications, power draw, or DMX channels,
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SHED: Added Flexibility for Video over Fiber
We’ve been dreaming for quite a while about how to bring our Lakeside Auditorium system into the world of HD. But with all things good, time, money, and creativity are required! In looking at our options compared with long-term budget forecasting, we came up with a great in-between solution. Our Main Auditorium is equipped with
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2018 Dr. B’s Audio Upgrade
In October of 2017, we began major construction on our children’s spaces, which meant changing around some rooms to keep Promiseland operating. This meant transforming our main overflow venue from being a space for 800-1000 people to view service to being a secure space to hold 600 kids. That meant we needed to do some
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Inside Willow’s Language Translation System
The congregation at Willow is proudly multicultural and multilingual. To accommodate our diverse attendants, we provide four language interpretation channels (Polish, Korean, Spanish and Chinese) and one English hearing-assisted channel on a regular weekly basis in our Main Auditorium, as well as a portable interpretation station for our Casa Spanish speaking service in the Chapel.
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Designing With Scenic LED Pixels
When Jordan Monson joined Willow Creek South Barrington’s staff as Lighting Engineer, our LED game grew significantly stronger. Jordan came from designing, building and programming light suits for the dance company iLuminate, and over 6 years experience working with various forms of LEDs and alternative lighting products. In this article, Jordan outlines his workflow, process,
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FAQ: What type of microphones are used for our pastors & speakers?
Our primary go-to microphone for all of our speakers, pastors, and actors is the d:fine™ Flex Omnidirectional Headset and Earset Microphone. These mics come in various colors and with connector options to match various brands of wireless transmitters or plug types.  We have chosen the DPA d:fine Flex because of its comfort level to the
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