Lakeside Auditorium at Willow Creek South Barrington
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Welcome to Willow Production!

Willow Creek is a church committed to loving everyone always and extending the hope and grace of Jesus to our neighbors near and far. As a production department, our volunteers and staff support this mission through creating dynamic experiences and distraction-free environments to help our church family thrive.

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Willow Creek Managing Media Workflows With Telestream Vantage
Mega Church migrates from flip factory to vantage to automate transcoding workflow for weekly multimedia services across regional campuses click HERE to go the the article on Church Production Magazine
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Willow Creek Community Church and Key Code Media – Video Case Study
We recently completed a full upgrade to our Digital Asset Management System (DAM). Our previous system was old and no longer supported, so we needed a new robust system that could manage our entire library of digital media and take us into the future with all the new content & digital assets that we make
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FAQ: How do you record your services & distribute the video feeds to your campuses?
We record (capture) our services to several digital video recording devices. We use a networked digital recorder called Telestream Pipeline and also several AJA KiPro Rack recorders, which basically look and feel like a VTR replacement. The Pipeline is a two channel device that’s attached to a local PC and the files are recorded directly to
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HD Upgrade 2015
Behind the scenes look at our HD Upgrade from start to finish View Slideshow 12►
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FAQ: What is the bracket you guys use that mounts your viewfinders to the side of your broadcast cameras?
Update Summer 2016 – This post was originally written when we were still using Sony DXC-D35 cameras in our old SD system. Since our upgrade to HD in 2015, we now are using Hitachi SK-HD1200 cameras in our Main Auditorium. The viewfinders are an LCD studio style monitor, Hitachi model HDF-700H,  that mounts to the
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Campus Care Audio Racks
We have have a unique setup at Willow where we have a team called Campus Care and they do more than just clean the facility and take out the trash. One of their major roles is to provide AV support for venues in our building that don’t have permanent audio and video systems. For about
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Let’s do something amazing, together.
These are my notes from a talk I gave at our annual production volunteer celebration. We have an amazing team and I am honored to get to be the one to encourage them. A couple of years ago I thought it would be great to make contact with the original TD for Willow Creek. After
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FAQ: What CAD software do you use for creating and maintaining system schematic diagrams?
We’ve tried VidCAD and Visio, but Visio lacked the features that we wanted & VidCAD was very complicated. So, several years ago we tried out WireCAD as is was a true CAD wiring software with a fairly easy learning curve. We like it because it had a reasonable price, easy to use, online tutorials, great
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Be Flexible
I was going back through my notes on some of the production staff meetings we’ve had over the years, and came across the very first value we talked about: be flexible. In that era, I had been having quite a few conversations with our creative arts team and our pastors about the production team being
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FAQ: Digital Asset Management
System Update 2016 – We now have a new Digital Asset Management system installed. Here’s a link to another post about the project.   We often get asked “How does Willow organize & archive all the video content it produces?”  Well, we use a Digital Asset Management system. This system consists of a server with
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Rigging Made Easy: Crimping Tools and Swages by Glenn Davis
The way I see it the stage world just looks better when you have more options toward supporting or flying scenery. At Willow Creek Church, suspending scenery is very common. At times, we may create over 100- 32’x 1/16” cable drops to suspend a certain weekend look that weighs a few thousand pounds. Even though
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Rigging Made Easy: Cable and Glider by Glenn Davis
I’ve been hearing a lot lately from individuals who are working hard at scenic creativity that are disappointed there is very little information toward tips on rigging and rigging hardware. Almost every scenic project requires the suspension of some sort of scenic element that echoes back scary and dangerous. Which leads me to the question
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