FAQ: How do you record your services & distribute the video feeds to your campuses?

We record (capture) our services to several digital video recording devices. We use a networked digital recorder called Telestream Pipeline and also several AJA KiPro Rack recorders, which basically look and feel like a VTR replacement. The Pipeline is a two channel device that’s attached to a local PC and the files are recorded directly to our SAN, for immediate access by our editors. The KiPro recorders have 500GB removable hard drives and the files can either be copied from the KiPro over the network or the KiPro drives can be removed and mounted locally in an edit suite. We use the KiPro recorders for recording clean feeds, camera ISO’s and Program backup. Our house recording format is ProRes 422 at 1080i.

The Pipeline recorders capture the “Program” feed on one channel and a “wide shot” camera feed on the 2nd channel. These two video files are available immediately following the Saturday evening service for use by our Multi-site campuses to playback the following morning or in most cases they are on a week delay. Each campus can simply copy the video files from our network server to their local hard drive. File sizes for an HD recording are typically 120-150GB each.

Most of our Regional campuses only show the Program feed of our message, one of our campuses shows a dual sync roll Program and Wide shot feeds using Pro Video Server. The other campuses use a Grass Valley K2 Solo playout server for playback.

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