Lakeside Auditorium at Willow Creek South Barrington
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Welcome to Willow Production!

Willow Creek is a church committed to loving everyone always and extending the hope and grace of Jesus to our neighbors near and far. As a production department, our volunteers and staff support this mission through creating dynamic experiences and distraction-free environments to help our church family thrive.

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what is the perfect volume? part 2
In part one of this post, I talked about making sure you know what you are trying to do in your services and how volume fits into that.  This is a leadership question, more than a dB question.  As a church, what is your goal for the service?  How loud it gets will be a
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what is the perfect volume? part 1
I get a lot of questions about how loud we run our services at Willow Creek.  I always find it difficult to give a standard answer.  Much of that comes from the fact that I think in terms of grey, as opposed to black and white.  Each situation is different, so I tend to give
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Stage Managers are Super Heroes by Glenn Davis
If you were to ask people attending a weekend service or event, “When or how did a live scene change on stage in the dark?” Most people would not have a clue. Unnoticed and in charge of more things than anyone else in a live production, is one of the most valuable production individuals on
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Safety Toward Rigging by Glenn Davis
I read an article recently that said, “Gravity is a contributing factor in nearly all accidents involving fallen objects.” Even though, that is a pretty humorous statement, the fact is it takes a lot of overwhelming work to overcome gravity. When it comes to rigging “probably” or “maybe” safe, is not the most reassuring words
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FAQ: Where did the Main Auditorium Window Shades Come From?
The window shades in our Main Auditorium are custom made shades on motorized lines hafts controlled by iRig software. We have ten very large windows in our Main Auditorium, five on each side of the stage. Each window is approximately 14 feet wide by 40 feet tall. The sides of the window openings were fitted
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FAQ: What do you use for Asset Tags?
Willow Production uses a software program called Tracmor for tracking all of our production gear across our entire campus.
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Classroom Recorders
In the past all audio recordings for classrooms and events outside of the Main Auditorium and Lakeside were recorded into ProTools, with a staff member setting up the ProTools sessions and manually patching the different rooms into ProTools. At the end of March of 2012, that staff member retired and so the challenge was, “can
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FAQ: What Camera’s do you use to shoot the service live? Specifically at the Leadership Summit.
Starting in 2010, the Leadership Summit has been recorded in HD with a full HD Production truck. However, the actual satellite broadcast has still been done in Standard Definition, mainly due to the fact that all of the satellite sites would need to have upgraded hardware & infrastructure to handle an HD satellite signal. We
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Creating a Temporary Stage Floor
The challenge for many churches is creating a scenic design without ruining the existing prefinished hard wood or carpeted stage floors. Planning a project such as a concert or a special event but your existing floor limits what you can do?  A project that requires painting the floor artistically and for it to hold up
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Conquer your Production and Programming Challenges
It is an extremely large undertaking and responsibility toward making the right decisions in creating an incredible Christ transformational, life changing moment for anyone who attends weekend services, outreaches and events. This requires an enormous amount of coordination from our production and programing departments with lots of orchestrating behind the scenes toward preparation and planning.
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Christmas 2011 by Glenn Davis
Discuss concept to design. From Design to construction.Willow Creek Church Christmas Scenic 2011 by Glenn Davis
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FAQ: What’s a good DMX splitter to use?
What specific DMX splitter does Willow use or recommend for splitting DMX in a lighting rig? The link below is for the industry standard of Opto-Splitter.  And when I say industry-standard, I mean every rental house in America has them.  Well worth the money.  
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