FAQ: Where did the Main Auditorium Window Shades Come From?

The window shades in our Main Auditorium are custom made shades on motorized lines hafts controlled by iRig software. We have ten very large windows in our Main Auditorium, five on each side of the stage. Each window is approximately 14 feet wide by 40 feet tall. The sides of the window openings were fitted with a metal channel that runs the length of the window, on each side from top to bottom. This channel creates a light lock for the edge of the rolling window shade to fit into, thus keeping sunlight from peeking in between the fabric shade & the edge of the window. It works very well. The window shades are hand sewn fabric panels with a thick fabric backing to prevent light penetration. These hand sewn panels were then fitted onto a motorized lineshaft custom fitted to the window width. A software program called iRig is used to control the ten motors, its even programmable to move shades in unison, at various speeds and custom presets and looks. Chicago Flyhouse worked on the initial installation with the Willow Production staff, and they currently maintain and sell the parts to make this system work.  Click on this link to see more info about Chicago Flyhouse Motorized drapery options


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