FAQ: What do you use for Asset Tags?

Willow Production uses a software program called Tracmor for tracking all of our production gear across our entire campus. I think they offer a discount or free download for non-profits. We purchase custom printed asset tags with bar codes. Every piece of gear that we have gets an asset tag and is entered into the Tracmor program. It’s a fairly easy process & not that expensive.  This really helps when we have multiple items of the same model equipment. Having a unique number attached to each piece of gear makes it easy to find stuff or track repairs and even when moving or loaning out gear. You can use a simple bar code scanner with the system, but its just as easy to manually enter a number & search the database. The software has an open API, so we integrate the asset tracking info into our Production Ticket system for tracking gear that needs repairs. We like this system so much, we even decided to laser etch every microphone with an asset number, works great for tracking our inventory.


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