FAQ: Digital Asset Management

System Update 2016 – We now have a new Digital Asset Management system installed. Here’s a link to another post about the project.


We often get asked “How does Willow organize & archive all the video content it produces?”  Well, we use a Digital Asset Management system. This system consists of a server with lots of backend stoarge to hold all the video archives. The managament part is a web based software interface that users log in and uploads, organizes & downloads content as needed. I won’t talk about the specific product that we use, because it is no longer available & we, like some of you are currently looking for a new system to replace our aging system. The bad news about these types of systems is that they range in price from a few thousand dollars for a simple software only system to over a $100K for a full blown enterprise system. Alot of research is needed before you just jump into one of these. Willow’s current system was previously managed by Jim Sippel, who is currently a freelancer in the industry and he wrote this article back in 2010 on this exact topic. Check it out a the link below.


A great article on the topic of Digital Asset Management written by our own Jim Sippel for a recent issue of Church Production magazine




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