FAQ: Production Headsets

We often get asked what comm headsets our production team uses for our events and services. Ask no more! 
Sensaphonics makes an earpiece called the TC1000. It runs about $600 (not including cost for in-ear molds and visit to an audiologist) and is an ear saver. 

Why do we use this? Great question!
When over the ear muffs are used in a live setting, the effect can sometimes be like a musician playing with a wedge for a monitor. The levels coming out of the muff (or wedge) have to overcome the ambient noise in the room, which can lead to extremely loud levels and hearing damage. Having an in-ear headset enables the user to use lower overall levels, which helps protect one of our most precious assets – our hearing. When paired with a molded musician earplug in the other ear, overall comm levels can be lowered for greater comfort over long periods of time. 

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