FAQ: What is Willow Creek’s Audio Volume Policy?

We are often asked what our volume policy is at Willow Creek. Here are the official statements:

These policies were sculpted by Matt Wentz, Willow’s Audio Systems Engineer. Matt is all about making systems work well within appropriate boundaries. For audio, those boundaries are determined for us by OSHA. We monitor levels in our primary venues with TREND SPL Monitoring.TREND enables us to monitor peaks, duration of time spent in higher output level audio, and even sends us automatic reports after services to give us feedback on how we are doing with keeping our levels legal. 

Some food for thought: As you shape the values for what you want your services or events to sound like, keep in mind the sonic qualities you have in play – the type of music you play, your target audience, your sound system, and the qualities of your room. Not every mix needs to be upfront and in your face. There are ways to still have a full mix with a lower overall dB. It takes creativity, willingness to experiment and learn, and some time. 

Want to know more about tweaking your mix? Visit our friends at MxU or FILO and attend a training!

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