Conquer your Production and Programming Challenges

It is an extremely large undertaking and responsibility toward making the right decisions in creating an incredible Christ transformational, life changing moment for anyone who attends weekend services, outreaches and events. This requires an enormous amount of coordination from our production and programing departments with lots of orchestrating behind the scenes toward preparation and planning. Supporting the message the primary focus, there is prayer, research, decisions on music, calendar scheduling, meetings, organizing, lighting design, stage layouts, scenic design, engineering, purchasing materials and construction all have to be discussed and coordinated. This can all be extremely nerve-wracking, feeling trapped in circumstances beyond our control. As with any compelling story that sparks our interest, it is how the individual faces challenges and ultimately succeeds that keeps us coming back for more. The adventure of complexity, simplicity and originality, is overwhelming defeat for some and for others, a self-satisfying adventure that screams “I can do this for Christ!”

In order for production and programing to create an incredible project at its highest level, it reflects that it has met all of its challenges with collaboration from all of its members of the team. Now, this is not to say we do not have our disagreements and conflicts. Anytime we create something that has not been done before, there are critical challenges we face. Anytime you bring together fired up individuals who are incredibly gifted toward creativity, the energy that is brought to the table occasionally clashes. We have to approach a project with clarity and have the ability to problem solve even if under time constraints or pressure.

One of the biggest challenges we constantly face on most projects is the increasingly shorter deadlines and tighter budgets. When compressing that much energy into a limited amount of time, it means a rigorous collaboration effort for all of us. When there is not enough time for a project to be well thought out, that has a way of altering perspective, concentrated thought and revving up creativity. There is a balance of imagination, inspiration, and time that employs serious creativity toward producing an innovative three-dimensional reality that captivates and motivates the audience. Anytime there are compressed schedules becoming the norm, this can lead to unrealistic expectations. Wouldn’t be terrific if we could use a GPS in our meetings to map out the project and show us the fastest route to the desired goal in a certain length of time? Wowsers!

To conquer our challenges, we have to remix our reality. We have to think differently and adapt. This is the reality for all of us. Where do we begin? With ourselves! We value and add value to each other. We communicate; we listen. We work together as a team. We understand there is not just one perfect option but are many creative options that accomplish the same goal. We have the mindset we are leaders, proactive toward accomplishing the tasks. We communicate our boundaries and seek solutions. Most importantly, we create an open and honest environment for feedback and follow through toward changes. We should not cease asking ourselves the successes and failures, constantly learning always keeping a clear eye out for the next discovery.

2 Tim 2:15 Concentrate on doing your best for God, work you will not be ashamed of, laying out the truth plain and simple.

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