FAQ: What computer hardware & software do you use for lyrics/sermon presentation?

In 2010 we switched our entire campus over from a professional CG system called Harris Inscriber  to Renewed Vision’s ProPresenter 4, it’s a Mac based CG system designed specifically for churches (they have a Windows version also). We like it because it has a friendly user interface, high quality output and a reasonable price point. We have the site licensed version so our whole campus is covered under one license for as many workstations as we like. For our large venues, we have the alpha channel option and SDI outputs into our production switchers. For our smaller classrooms, we use the DVI output of the Mac to go to the projectors. Check them out at www.renewedvision.com.

2015 Update: We’ve been using ProPresenter across our campus in all our venues since 2010. It does a great job both in a small classroom and also in a large venue with SDI & alpha channel options. However, in our Main Auditorium we are going to be adding a Professional CG system from Ross Video called “Xpression” as part of our 2015 HD upgrade. Xpression will be used primarily for hi-end graphics, lower thirds, motion graphics, etc. and ProPresenter will be used primarily for worship lyrics & last minute short form videos.  Ross Xpression can be found at http://www.rossvideo.com/graphics-system/xpression/. In regards to video playback, ProPresenter does playback video clips, but we prefer to use a dedicated broadcast playout server for our video playback in our main auditorium venue. We currently are using a 2 channel Grass Valley K2 Solo, but are moving to a 4 channel Abekus Mira server as part of our HD upgrade.