FAQ: What is the square footage of Willow Creek’s facility?

The new updated campus total including the new Care Center building from 2013 is now at 810,000 square feet of space.

Here are some more stats on our facility…

•Physical Stats

oHow many seats: 7200

oStage square footage: 120×40 7000 sq. ft w/ gala

  1. •    Stage size: 94ft wide x 57ft high

•Technical Stats

oNoise floor when nothing is turned on: 54 dbspl

oBrightness of the LED at 100% 202,000 lumens

oLED brightness control:  DMX512

o% of brightness we run the LED’s at for a typical service: 20

oNumber of LED pixels:   832×1472 (1,224,704)

oWeight of LED screens: 8,000 lbs per screen

oGala lift load capacity: 50,000 lbs.

oGala speed: 20 feet/1 minute

oGala size: 1000 square feet

oLighting bridge counter weight, weight:  8,000 lbs

oHeight of stage house: 80’ exterior, 70’ to stage grid

oCat walk height:  43’

oLighting Bridge Height:  adjustable (but usually at 40’)

oWagon House dimension: 120’x 40’

oWagon house door size:  30’ x 90’

oWagon House Door Weight – 30,000 lbs

oNumber of sheets of plywood in wagon door: 100

oNumber of static light fixtures: 331

oNumber of Dimmers/universes: 1,536/8

oNumber of moving light fixtures:  83

oSpeed of window shades:  6 ft/sec

oSize of windows: 14’x 40’

oNumber of Triax camera positions: 54

oNumber of custom wall plates: 100+

oNumber of video racks: 40

oShade control platform:  Mac Mini

oShade control software:  iRig

oShade control software design:  Willow Creek Systems Team

oWagon size:  8’x16’

oNumber of Wagons:  18

o# of bands set up at any one time:  3

o# of motorized wagons:  2

oLargest wagon move:  Orchestra

oThe room most like NASA:  video control room

o# of plasma/flat screen displays in new building: 84

ototal audio system wattage: 119,000

oNumber of CLEARCOM stations: 40

oProscenium width: 90 feet

oNumber of Audio inputs on stage: 160

oNumber of Speaker cabinets: 106

•Volunteer Stats

oNumber of hours worked (for construction): incalculable

oFeet of bridges welded, painted, assembled:  400ft

oMoney saved by using our staff and volunteers:  $4.3 mil

# of production volunteers required for a service  30

  • Jac Higgins

    Does this include the new Care Center?

  • Dave Cooke

    Nope, but I just updated the web post to include the new Care Center. Our new campus total is 810,000 sq. feet.