FAQ: How do you provide services for the hearing impaired?

On a typical weekend service at Willow, we offer live sign language interpretation at one of our main services, click HERE for more info. However, occasionally, we have done Closed Captioning for a satellite broadcast event as the embedded captioning information can be transmitted along with the video signal & decoded on a TV easily. The captioning is actually done off campus at a company that offers this as a service. A captioner calls into a special phone number we provide to listen to the live audio of the service. We use a JK Audio Inkeeper 4 as a telephone hybrid interface for this functionality. The Captioning company also dials into the modem port of an EEG EN530 SD/HD Close Captioning Encoder from their captioning device, this EEG encoder is on our campus and is wired into our video system with an SDI video signal from our switcher. This connection embeds the live captioning information into line 21 of our Program video signal for distribution to any monitor supporting Closed Captioning. Since the captioning information is now part of the video signal, it is maintained through the majority of our video system, including the video feed to the satellite truck. At the downlink venue or at a local location, the viewer can watch the program video feed & easily enable captioning on their local TV monitor. This process is exactly how it’s done in broadcast television. It works great and the equipment can be rented as needed and hiring of the Captioners is less expensive as they can do eveything all from the comfort of their office, no need to pay for them to travel to our capus to actually do the captioning.